Hey, have you heard? The swimming club we went to in grade school is gonna be shut down.

Nagisa Hazuki | Photographer


Sweet Squad *\(^o^)/*

pyrrhanikkos said: oooh, thats gonna be cute, im excited to see this!

I’m excited to WEAR it 8D 

It’s a while until Japan Expo, but I’m excited anyways~ I’ll also sew myself a peppermint butler! uwu

You make such a cute Princess Bubblegum! I love the makeup <3

Thank you so much!! well, it’s just a make-up test, I yet have to make everything else :’D

It’s gonna be this version!


for your princess bubblegum makeup, you should add some highlights on the face, otherwise it looks a bit flat. Other than that, you are looking so cute!

I actually did, but for the final version I’ll do it a bit more yep! 
But not too much, I mean PBs face IS kinda flat. she’s made of bubblegum man :’D


some Megaman Battle Network shots from Katsu 2014. 

I’m Mayl, Leah is Lan, Romulo is Chaud, and Kim is Roll! Photos by morningaddict


Snow White

Cosplayer (myself): www.facebook.com/VictoriaCosplay

Photographer: www.facebook.com/bypiera 

Jiraya by Rurupon | Orochimaru by Ichigolollie | Tsunade by Sniisel

Both Ruru and Lollie helped me sewing the cosplay, I couldn’t have made it in time and also compared to them I literally can’t sew hahah. Really looking forward to cosplaying again with you guys, whenever that may be!

pictures taken by itakoo and greencat!

I don’t have anything else to show so????? here’s another close up of the Princess Bubblegum Make up test I guess!
I really love the pink make up and these lower lashes like woah

Tomorrow we’ll maybe try out the grey make up for Marceline, but she’s gonna need some more time for a full make up test, she ain’t used to circle lense and fake lashes yet :’D

So, anyone else here attending Japan Expo in Paris this year?


photog/edited by: skyreading

Photo of my Chie and stepbackwards’ Yukiko! Us in our gag glasses! <33


Our Kill La Kill group at Katsucon!

Photo by Madi Cosplay & Photography

Cosplayers: Swag Sticks


Listen to the beat of the soul

Soul | Maka | photo


Let’s update the world!

Hajime Ichinoise and Sugane Tachibana - Gatchaman Crowds




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