Aninite 2014 was GREAT! I’ll start to edit and upload pictures on Wednesday, because now I gotta go learn for my driving license. 
See ya guys!


azumarrill as Lady Satsuki and achievement-hunter as Nonon perform their skit for the Kumoricon cosplay competition. Sorry I am so shaky. I was busy dying of laughter.


Snii, I did the thing.  I DID THE THING.
Myself as Mark I Nonon, Satsuki is azumarrill, Mark II Nonon is achievement-hunter
My friend kimchicutie shot this (and could not contain her laughter)


Aninite Plans, all finished now!

Friday Satonaka Chie (With Persona 4 Group) 
Saturday Monokuma again (With ruki-hime as Monomi ♥)
Sunday Shauna from Pokemon XY, for Aninite’s Pokemon Tournament!

I’m glad I could finish Chie and Shauna in time :’D
Monokuma picture by Rurupon!

thedarkenedelf said: I’m so excited for these stupid costumes, hah hah. I really just want to harass Inumutas and Satsukis forever

You go, live your dream B)

one day I wanna cosplay Nonon too, but no idea when I’ll finally get to that

thedarkenedelf said: I’m scrambling to finish things and pack, too u_u (also, I APPARENTLY KEEP GETTING DISTRACTED???)


smash that con I’m gonna look forward to your Nonon pictures B)
And Inumuta too B)

time to slowly pack my stuff for aninite and then learn some more

btw, I know I should actually be darker skinned for Shauna but yeah; I don’t know yet if I’ll try to do bodypaint or not… I don’t think I will, because the cosplay is mainly for Aninite’s Pokemon Tournament. I’ll probably never wear it again after that, so hm. It would look more accurate, but I don’t think it’s worth it in my case ~.~

aaaaaand while I was at it, I now tried on my finished Shauna Cosplay from Pokemon XY, too. I might use other shoes tho; I have some that are more accurate, I just have to spray them pink.

Well, guess I’m ready for the weekend! :D

My finished Satonaka Chie Cosplay! I’m really happy how everything turned out! 

Chie’s pins :D 
I don’t have a machine to make these; so I simply printed them in the right size and put them on pins I had lying around, using double-sided tape. Chie should be finished soon, I just gotta style the wig a bit more and some other small things~ 

Chie is gonna be a super comfortable Cosplay! I’ll definitely wear it for Connichi, too :D

For this weekend’s Aninite I’ll also wear Monokuma again; mainly because my supercute Monomi made changes to her cosplay and we definitely need more pictures together. 



galaxycops said: it looks really nice !!! C:

thank you bby!!! A compliment from you makes me happy *Q*

please excuse the mess in my room

so I’ve been working on the Persona 4 skirt all day and this is the result! I gotta say that I’m SUPER HAPPY how it turned out. It’s also the first time I’ve sewn a pleated skirt by myself. Tomorrow I’ll finish the jacket and, well, then Chie will be finished :D

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